Welcome to Rutting Reds Venison

We decided to start a Deer Park in Northamptonshire after we moved here in 2003. Our aim was to produce venison on land that would traditionally have been farmed for cereal production or sheep and cattle grazing.

We both have an interest in Deer of all species, but decided to keep Red Deer at the park as the largest and most noble of our native deer species. Starting out with just five stags and twenty hinds, the herd has now grown to over one hundred.

The idea of farming Red Deer was born from a deep seated passion for good quality, locally grown farm produce, homed under such conditions that the animals enjoy a healthy and as natural a life as possible during their husbandry.

Our deer are allowed to roam free, living a relatively unhindered existence and grazing on the plentiful grassland and natural substitute feed in winter months. Once matured, they are slaughtered and then butchered on site. As a result of this, the meat has a much better flavour and quality as the deer are placed under very little stress.

At Rutting Reds we offer venison cut to the customers specifications and also make burgers and a variety of sausages.